Journal papers

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  • Autonomous Self-evolving Forecasting Models for Price Movement in High Frequency Trading: Evidence from Taiwan. Intelligent Data Analysis
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  • A Novel Methodology for Stock Investment using High Utility Episode Mining and Genetic algorithm. Applied Soft Computing
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  • An Evolutionary Method for Financial Forecasting in Microscopic High-Speed Trading Environment
  • Chien-Feng Huang, and Li, H.-C

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  • The disposition effect, price performance and fundamentals of IPOs: Evidence from Taiwan.
  • Chien-Feng Huang, Chih-Hsiang Chang, Li-Min Kuo, Tsung-Nan Hsieh

    Investment Analysts Journal, 46(4), pp. 263-278. (SSCI) 2017, Jun

    This paper got the 2017 Journal Award in the Journal; of the 161 articles submitted to the Journal in 2017, only 19 articles were published, and this article was elected as the final winning paper. See News

  • Assimilation-accommodation mixed continuous ant colony optimization for fuzzy system design. Engineering Computations
  • Chi-Chung Chen, Li Ping Shen,Chien-Feng Huang, Bao-Rong Chang

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  • Reversible Data Hiding Based on Histogram Modification over Ternary Computers
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  • An Intelligent Model for Pairs Trading Using Genetic Algorithms
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  • Discovering Utility-based Episode Rules in Complex Event Sequences
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  • Implementation of Secondary Index on Cloud Computing NoSQL Database in Big Data Environment
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