CSIE: Introduction to Computers (I)

Homework 3, Due 10/11 (Tuesday)

1. Look inside a PC.  

a. Remove the cover on a tower PC (not notebook) of yours or one available to you from your friends.  Identify the components on the motherboard as you can.  List at least 10 components, including their names, types, manufacturers, and capabilities.

b. List three expansion boards you would like to have on your own PC.

c. List three USB devices you would like to have and connect to your PC.


ftp your homework to


in the directory upload\HW3

by the following format:




    檔案名稱:hw1_CS_a0925124_01.c, or hw1_CS_a0925124_01.xxx (depending on the file type)

The password is given in class.